Glacier Concept's professional real estate investment deal software products for residential and commercial properties make financial analysis, cash flow analysis, real estate deal property valuation, and deal-making easier for homeowners, investors, real estate agents, brokers, land lords, property managers, accountants, lenders, and real estate investment trusts or a REIT. The marketing reports for cash flow pro forma, IRR, ROI, and valuations that our software produces are great for investor presentations. Our investing software with refinancing with loan modification can help prevent bank loan mortgage foreclosure for home owners. Preventing bank foreclosure on mortgages for home owners is essential to the economy. The investing software is great for beginners. Get Leverage 4.0 Personal Edition when you click they 'Buy' button. Mr. McKay (M.I.T. and Brown Alumnus) simplified the real estate deal evaluation process in cash flow analysis and land development. Buy the book "Smart Real Estate Deals .." at local book sellers at customer service desks. (The figure on the box cover is only a figure that's part of a montage and is not on our team). Our financial management software helps businesses to save money, make smart decisions with their capital, save jobs, and to prevent layoffs. Our real estate deal investment financing software download helps make the best investing decision for a REIT. Our newly released financial analysis and evaluation software for financing, refinancing and development gives the user more control and bargaining power in the decision making process. Beginners in property financing can now easily understand the money in every phase of the property investing life cycle, from the initial capital investment, refinancing, to the property's future after tax sale transaction. We make finance easier. Glacier software helps investors, developers, owners, and asset managers to make their buying and selling decision based on what's most profitable. Are your real estate portfolio investment objectives in line? Get the best return on your property investment and increased cash flow while managing your financial risk and reducing costs in residential and commercial property buying and selling. What's your role in real estate portfolio management ? Property developers, property managers, owners, executives, and asset managers get the best return on their investment and increased property performance based on economic factors. Our software optimizes your portfolio of land, buildings, and capital during construction and land development. Work more efficiently with mortgage lenders and commercial banks. Better understand the details behind mortgages, banking, and leases so that you can prepare for your investment. Run scenarios with the investment software on how you can build wealth. Building wealth is important for retirement. If you want an inside edge to wise real estate investing. Home owners and renters can buy a rental property so that you can retire early. A REIT can analyze obligations across its property holdings. Understand your mortgage lenders and capital requirements for credit and pecuniary money matters. Turn your second home into a rental property for better cash flow and maximize returns on residential rental property transactions.