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Leverage for Real Estate Smart Real Estate Deals in the bank bailout era and beyond

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Madrid, Spain | Newport News

Meeting August 13, 2019

XBT 72
Gas 2.61
BRL 0.26
Home 3%

Down payment..


Apartment communities International Loans Equity Options Oil Research Retirement Pricing Magazine


Gas, Jobs, Housing Prices, consumer confidence.

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Good time to buy real estate


Increase in real estate sales


Median real estate less than $350,000


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Smart Real Estate Deals in Bank Bailout Era and Beyond ISBN 9781449077235. Mr. McKay graduated from Brown University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Martin Abularach

Global trade and real estate analytics in different markets for different investments. Multiple managers track different investments with technical analysis. Forward thinking frameworks for dynamic returns and hedges in Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

Loan to Value

Avatar 14 min

Anne Johnson

Hundreds of thousands of square feet in the technology park and shopping centers. Best communities with large acreage. Best acqusitions for the portfolio between Lyon and Chamonix.

Avatar 29 min

Phillip Kovner

What's next?

Precise advice in the marketplace from banking services, central bank, and exchanges. Software and social industry-leading research to meet future financial goals in Sao Paulo. Tracked amazing opportunities the ultimate lifestyle and visionary neighborhoods with extraordinary installations and flagship stores in urban life. Software helped developed world class amenities and cultural destinations.

Seminar with Real Estate Finance Software and Management


August 12, 2019

Friday 6:00 PM

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